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hey :) the name is amalina but im cool with mali.
or whatever nice.
im pretty laid-back.
im never serious.
haha well yea so get annoyed.
im a kid at heart, maybe a hippie too.
talk to me.
get to know me.
only then you can judge me.
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May 21, 2010

it's so hot and i can't stand it. Dizzyness urghh.
How's cairo going to be :s
At times like this, the ac is my bestfriend. And popsicles, too!


May 18, 2010
typical. dearest juliati rahman,

i so love to beat you in your own game so pardon my language here on MY behalf as you read skank and ho.

the heart breaker.
the nosy-pecker.
the wrecker.
the stupid.
- why do these kinds of people must involve in my life?

julia, im done with you.
fuck you. you suck real bad.
fuck you and your airhead boyfriend.
both of you are fucking idiots.
gosh, ive got so many insulting terms to throw at you and your man-whore but you guys are just so irrelevant.

you made up lies about me. too bad nobody believed them.
you keep on making an ass out of yourself.
if i were you -god forbid- i would stop already.
what do you want from me, bitch?
what have i ever done to you?

this is sad. just plain sad.
i never knew you so well until your true cut-throat bitch color showed.
your hating me just make me more lovable by others.
you dont want that, do you?

so, please.
fuck off!

get over high school. grow up.

more fucks to come if you choose to keep on fucking with me,
fuck you.

p/s: as for your boyfriend, do pass him this message: i dont do pondans.

May 12, 2010
like a warm winter breeze...

soothing but temporary.
calming but involuntary.
desirable but impossible.

that is why, when being asked,
which snow is the best snow?
my answer would definitely be
santa fe, new mexico.
not the white aspen or the cool catalouchee or the frosty central park,
but just,
a humble peak of sunny taos.

oh, i hate winter, i must say.
moreover, being cold most of the time.
nevertheless how beautiful it may be.

can i say,
im having the winter blue?
a warm winter blue.
though how major the irony is as im currently in one of the world's sun countries.

snuggles and cuddles,

May 8, 2010
fate and feta are meant to be cheesy

background song: imma single laydah, immmmma single laydaaah <3

so on monday, i weighed myself. hoyeah! ive dropped about 4kgs.
then today, on saturday, i looked at the weighing machine...
the broken weighing machine.
holy mother of pearl.
i have actually gained 8kgs!
but then, i checked and rechecked,
it really is broken!
my actual weight?
it is still a mystery- a mystery that i myself dont want to solve.
(okay, this is annoying but just a fun fact: it gets on my nerve when ppl write "i myself" or "me myself". the second one is undoubtly so not engriiish but "i myself"? por que? "i" itself is not enough? hah. an awkward pun- awkward. pun. does the association of those two words/situations even exist? sorry. i havent been in school for a while.)
but my nose looks kind of bigger now (^o0^)
they say that if your nose looks bigger, that means that your face is getting slimmer.
is there such thing?
and my eyes do look a lil bigger.
no no.
not my forever big teeth.
im off to miri in 16 days and i really want to look my best haha
macam ada org tgk.
but whatever.
im sure everyone, anyone wants to look good in their own term.
so my definition of looking good is,
to stay at 98pounds and zit-less.
a lil height, too.

anyway, im a whole new person from now on.
i am...
sasha fierce arrrrr :P (sorry, that pirate guy from spongebob has been stucked inside my head for a while)

until then,

May 6, 2010
lets wrap things up :)

seek happiness rather than forgiveness.
- as a happy person will forget but a forgiving one might not.

...because ive been alone all along (eh, is that a song? :P)

im not the talking kind. so what?
you couldve figured.
i once hoped that this would work.
that this would finally be my chance to see things differently.
its nothing but the same thing.
i was hurt in the past.
i am hurting now, too.
yea yea. we've had our times in the sun but it's over.
thank you for the memories. i hope you'll find yourself someone that really suits you.
no matter how much you want me to stay,
the truth is,
im long gone.

and to me,
its not that i dont care- its just not worth the fight anymore.
open your eyes and heart, for once.
every little mistakes that youve kept on doing,
never blame those on the fact that youre just human. im a humanbeing, too.
but i learn. and i avoid doing the same mistakes because i know that is how we should really work things out.
yet, its different with you.
youre a great talker, enough said. it seems like youve given me way too many hopes for you seem like you really really and really know what is wrong and you really really want to fix us.
but youre not. you never did.

you see,
i feel so much better since i gave up hopes.
please deal with that.
just leave me alone now.

hasta luego no more,

May 5, 2010
this holiday

im technically brain-dead by now.
too much of staying in doesnt do for me.
i need to move
blabla yadayada
yea whatever.

be saying goodbye SOON.
not telling :P
but i WILL.

i love watching all these family, babies, parenthood, etc shows! they make delivery so so so easy haha
8 kids. 12 kids. 20 kids :o
what a bless. blesses, i mean.
i just watched the duggars' show and jon&kate plus 8. aww kan :)

i have no point of blogging about anything, really.

till then,

May 2, 2010
wuwuwu T_T

eh, no tears ahh?
ya lor. tired oledi maa.
so how lei?
cry inside lah ho.
no need lah.
*sigh* yayaya