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hey :) the name is amalina but im cool with mali.
or whatever nice.
im pretty laid-back.
im never serious.
haha well yea so get annoyed.
im a kid at heart, maybe a hippie too.
talk to me.
get to know me.
only then you can judge me.
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Mar 27, 2011
who am i, really?

i have this assignment, a 3500words essay,
in which basically i can just babble about myself. but, i really want to make this a meaningful assignment. a piece that speaks.
so, who am i?
what am i?
haha i dont know.
oh, well. here goes.

i dont like kids but im not a kid-hater.
i think old people sucks but i love them, they're adorable.
i hate animals but i still care for them. i once joined a 'save the tiger' campaign by wwf.
i hate being fat but im an ultimate foodie.
i dont do commitment but i go aww over weddings and sweet couples.
i can drink milk other than 2% and chocolate milk.
im good with money but once i splurge, i splurge well (or bad) :P
i dont really like getting all sweaty and dirty but i enjoy running and trekking the woods.
i love cars but i hate driving.
im not much of a gadget-crazy but i still drool over some latest techs.
i avoid oily food but i think cheese is alright.

haha at this point,
i feel that im pretty much a complicated person. lol :D

a lil help, anyone?


Mar 17, 2011

for every time you weep over bad things that coming in your way,
for every time you go berserk whenever stress gets all over you,
just stop and take a deep breath. then, think.
perhaps, a while ago when youve been draining your tears because of the bad grade that you got or you cussed over your unfaithful partner,
somebody on the other side of the world is in a worse situation. a car crash, fell over, or death.
bad things happen all the time. the degree is sometimes infinite. and always, always remember that youre luckier than some people even though bad luck seems to strike you more than once, or twice. sometimes more.
let me share something.
hear me out.

like other girls, i dream of the same thing.
i want to be happy. i want to love and have my very own sweet love story.
i want to get married and have cute kids. i want to cook and bake with my main man and my adorable kids. i want my own family photo for every occassion, all year around.
i want to travel the world with them.
i want to be referred to as 'mrs. xxx'.
i want to have such life.
my whole life, ive never been that healthy. i was alright some time ago but as the years, the ups and downs passed,
ive developed this permanent health condition which disallowed me to be like a full-bloomed woman i ought to be.
i cant get pregnant.
there, i said it. knowing that, you couldnt really imagine how crushed am i.
i know, some (most) people say it's too early to predict this.
it is very true. Allah's miracles work in zillions ways.
but, whilst getting to that,
i somehow feel that im not as worthy as anybody else.
(plus, i havent found my mr. right yet hehe)
having to go to the hospital on weekly basis is very tiring.
extremely tiring.
aite, end.

the reason why im writing all that is,
to let you guys know that youre better in every way.
all those bad things that happen are mostly external, so,
they're workable, fixable.
dont sweat.

p/s: im super bored.

from this comfy hospital bed,

Mar 12, 2011
a love or alone?

once im in my bubble bath
i like to stir up more.
half the suds go in my eyes
and half go on the floor.
the fun is in the bubbles 'cause
they giggle on my skin,
and when i stick them on my face
they dangle from my chin.

and when i splash them hard enough
they pop and disappear,
and then my bath time's over 'cause
ive made the water clear.


Mar 7, 2011
living large

it's so cool that i have a cousin that works as a flight attendant at an international airline.
which means,
she travels outside the domestic air ALL THE TIME!
:) you're so lucky, kak zana!
how i wish i could be an F.A but
hahaha i wonder what would i write in my CV...

name: amalina

glamorous nickname: mali (ugleyhh)

height: barely 5'5"!

weight: T_T can i just skip this q

make up skills: zilch. i only use vaseline face cream and chapstick for any (every) occassion :s

people skills: i can talk about biology and psychology all the time; i can help to deliver babies; i can entertain people with my singing (because i have such a croaky voice); i make the best milo O in the world (ehehe)

why should i become a flight attendant: BIG MONEY and NEW PLACES ON DAILY BASIS!!! okay, jawab dalam hati hehe

all the best, kak zana :) we can see how very much in love you are with your new career :)