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hey :) the name is amalina but im cool with mali.
or whatever nice.
im pretty laid-back.
im never serious.
haha well yea so get annoyed.
im a kid at heart, maybe a hippie too.
talk to me.
get to know me.
only then you can judge me.
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Mar 27, 2011
who am i, really?

i have this assignment, a 3500words essay,
in which basically i can just babble about myself. but, i really want to make this a meaningful assignment. a piece that speaks.
so, who am i?
what am i?
haha i dont know.
oh, well. here goes.

i dont like kids but im not a kid-hater.
i think old people sucks but i love them, they're adorable.
i hate animals but i still care for them. i once joined a 'save the tiger' campaign by wwf.
i hate being fat but im an ultimate foodie.
i dont do commitment but i go aww over weddings and sweet couples.
i can drink milk other than 2% and chocolate milk.
im good with money but once i splurge, i splurge well (or bad) :P
i dont really like getting all sweaty and dirty but i enjoy running and trekking the woods.
i love cars but i hate driving.
im not much of a gadget-crazy but i still drool over some latest techs.
i avoid oily food but i think cheese is alright.

haha at this point,
i feel that im pretty much a complicated person. lol :D

a lil help, anyone?