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hey :) the name is amalina but im cool with mali.
or whatever nice.
im pretty laid-back.
im never serious.
haha well yea so get annoyed.
im a kid at heart, maybe a hippie too.
talk to me.
get to know me.
only then you can judge me.
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Aug 25, 2010
the matter of bubkes

at times like this, i always wonder,
what if this was just a dream.
something that was actually nothing as soon as i woke up.
i know,
i should really stop being such a kvetch by now- or long time ago.
the truth is, i cant handle this. im such a wreck. im very much shattered.
but it helps a lot to even have a little hope and believe inside of me.
i thank you to all the lovely companies that have my back.
that are always there for every tumble and rumble that ive been having.
thank you.
and thank you.
someone told me,
allah wont be testing us the test that we cant handle.

:) that gives me a reason to smile.
patience is virtue.
perhaps, my real happiness is not yet to come.

apa yang penting sebenarnya?

haha i honestly dont know. all of us do have our very own bull's eye(s), right?
i just want to be happy. how happy? i dont know.
my fondest memory of being truly happy was a childhood one.
i was in my nek's kitchen, learning how to make the perfect dough for her infamous karipaps that she was selling around the kampung. we woke up at 4am. well, i woke up like 3am because of my uber-exicetement haha poor my lil old nenek.
so she pretty much did everything but i had so much fun :) and the only other person who can make the best karipap like my nek's is me :P
betuuuul! haha aww i feel like crying now.
i miss nenek so much.
i love you.

lets think about this,
we spend a lot of our time wondering about what path to take in our lives. but sometimes, you dont really have to worry about the big decisions. at times, these decisions are made for you- and that whatever happens is always for the best.
and perhaps,
it's time for me to pack my things up once again
and start back. once again.
i blew stanford- which, was very very stupid haha but my reason was fair enough.
i'll try again :) wish me luck, por favor.
and perhaps, it's for the best.
i say goodbye one too many times.
another one wont hurt that much.

hasta luego