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hey :) the name is amalina but im cool with mali.
or whatever nice.
im pretty laid-back.
im never serious.
haha well yea so get annoyed.
im a kid at heart, maybe a hippie too.
talk to me.
get to know me.
only then you can judge me.
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Jan 20, 2011

for every time we think of our loneliness is solely pinned by the absenteeism of company,
think again.
before we play the blame game,
before we point finger to the other,
before we turn nasty and getting all girly, oh-so-the-drama on them,
think again.
our relevance and significance.
the world is cruel- so what?
life is unfair- deal with it.
suddenly all these solitude and misery- trust me, baby, that you're not alone.
think before you act,
think deeply before you raise out the voice inside of you because words are harmful.
they are killers in the sense that they act like this invisible sword that will definitely slash them out of themselves.
you rip them hard. with an awful lot of pain and agony, whether you realize it or not.
you mash them up. with the so-called analysis that is built based on your constructive assumption.
grow up, little boy.
think about others.
know that the world doesnt evolve around you alone.
and stay away from any drama.
for every time the company drifts away from you,
try asking this question,
"am i really worth it?"
truth hurts.
just like your words.
call me vindictive.
the truth is,
im tired.
and i dont call for you. i never do.
that is because,
im pretty much through.