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hey :) the name is amalina but im cool with mali.
or whatever nice.
im pretty laid-back.
im never serious.
haha well yea so get annoyed.
im a kid at heart, maybe a hippie too.
talk to me.
get to know me.
only then you can judge me.
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Feb 22, 2011

yesterday, i came across a sensational (by now) article by adrian goldberg of bbc news. i thought his piece is nothing more than a make-up yellow journalism but reading through, i thought,
just wow.
what's happening to the world today? moreover, what is up with muslims today? :(
*take this as an acknowledgement, not criticism- i am, too, in need of reminder(s) all the time*
do we, muslims, really grasp the most basal layer of this very religion? are we living in islam, iman, and ihsan?

we're living in the world where tolerance comes with a price.
the very justification of this issue is outrageous.
for those of you who had a read on the article should be clarified that the holy quran never justifies such practice. in fact, the whole point of having matrimonial contract or 'nikah' has bigger value than to please one's desire to be with another.
we are created from the time where adam and eve were joined in matrimonial event to breed into this pool of 'human nation' which in turn continues to afford a life for their next generation.
how does the practice of homosexual marriages fit into this purpose?
are we that selfish of a human being that our own desires and so called 'rights' come before those that we indebted our life to?
and yes, living in the post modernist world may allow you to parade and voice out your opinion within 'your' defined context.

dont accuse me of being a discriminant or a (insert your context of view)-phobist just because i have the need to voice my mind out too.
perhaps, im old fashioned but my teachings had taught me well that to choose a faith is optional but to go against a clear-cut principle within the chosen faith has its consequences.
may we all be under HIS guidance and may HE only be the judge in everything uncertain (wallahua'lam)

goldberg wrote,
"British gay Muslims are joining the global fight for equality and seeking gay Islamic marriage. The BBC's 5 live Investigates speaks to one couple about their 'nikah' - a Muslim matrimonial contract - and asks how they balance their sexuality with the Islamic faith."

and the rest of the article can be read here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12486003

just today, in the star, an extremely shocking (more like a rude awakening!) news was in. i just hope that the other fellow muslims would be as furious as i am. do read. and think, about the relevance and significance. and how such implementation is misaligned with the quran and sunnah, and the shariah itself. please read up,

when compulsory obligations become optional,
in the name of the so-called justified equality.
wake up.